Weathered Wasteland Full Auto Glock 17

Wasteland Full Auto GLock 17

Wasteland Sawed Off Pump Action Shotgun

Wasteland scorpion vz61

 The wasteland Scorpion VZ61 prop is a firearm designed to look like a weapon that has been cobbled together from scrap parts in a post-apocalyptic setting and has a rusted, weathered finish. The Scorpion VZ61 is a Czechoslovak submachine gun that was used primarily by the military, but in this case, it has been modified to suit a post-apocalyptic aesthetic.

wasteland snubnose revolver

Wasteland Mauser broomhandle c96

Wasteland prop gun bundle

Wasteland / Fully RUSTEd revolver

Wasteland UMP Submachine Gun

Wasteland submachine gun

Wasteland Full Auto Glock 17 - Silver slide


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